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The Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai

Go then unto the children of men and make known to them the hidden mystery of heavenly things. And though there should rise up against you all manner of false accusation and persecution, yet shall we remain faithful unto you, and in the bosom of our glory shall you ever find place.”

Such were the words which God first spoke to me upon the mountain, and although I continued in the presence of God for four days and three nights, I am unable to make known all the things which God taught me; for there is not room enough in so brief a testimony to contain them. But regardless of this, I do bear solemn witness that I saw God, and that I felt his hand upon me, and that I spoke with the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother face to face. That so much animosity and persecution would result from my simply declaring this, would yet prove itself the case in the years that followed.

When I returned home to my family and friends, I immediately made known the wonderful things which had happened. And though some at first believed, most did not, but thought me deluded instead. But those which at first believed did so only because it proved in their minds that their church, the Mormon church, was true above all others. For was I not a member of their church? But when I told them that God had never once made mention of any church in my hearing, their belief in me soon faded. There were many which thought that I was just some innocent dupe who had been deceived by a devil which could easily appear as an angel of light. But then I realized that religious people will often give the devil more power to deceive them than they will give God the power to enlighten them. Instead of receiving my testimony with any feeling of joy and happy expectation, my account of what happened received the most bitter resentment and denunciation from those who claimed the loudest to believe in God. The thing I learned from this experience was that the majority of religious people will believe in their churches, or even in their Bibles more than they will believe in God.

Over the years since then, church officials have exerted great effort to discredit me; they have maligned my character and have questioned my sanity; they have gone out of their way to make my name the butt of ridicule and derision. To this day I am still victimized by the cruelest rumor and the most malicious gossip to be found in the religious community. I have been abandoned and rejected by those I once held close; I have endured the threats, the scorn and the contempt of strangers; I have been spit upon and slapped and even threatened with my own life.
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