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True Gnostics are bound together by three covenants: Discipleship, Fellowship, and Tithe. Covenants are like promises that you make with your Heavenly Parents. Taking and keeping these covenants is a declaration to your self and your Heavenly Parents that Their interests are your interests, and that you desire to work hand-in-hand with Heaven and other true Gnostics in bringing about the designs of God.


Keeping covenants is a learning process. The degree to which covenants empower and sanctify is determined by you—not Azrael or the church. Follow the links to learn more about each covenant.















Requirements for membership in the True Gnostic Church:


• must be at least 18 years old

• must have read the Song of God in its entirety and have a working knowledge of its content

• must take the three covenants of Discipleship, Fellowship, and Tithe

» Gnostic Manual From the Future

» Covenants and Unrighteous Dominion

“For in the true Fellowship of God

are even all made as one through covenant,

which covenant would forge together a single heart and mind,

reflecting through good fellowship the family of God on earth.”

~7th Endowment 2:51

As true Gnostics, we are first and foremost, citizens of Heaven; and we consider ourselves to be friendly sojourners who move through mortal life for the purpose of helping humanity. We are the ambassadors of God. [1]


Short-term initiatives for True Gnostics include:


• self-work, ie: maintaining a joyful, diligent approach to personal transformation and transcendence.

• acquiring a deeper understanding and working knowledge of the Song of God and the teachings of Azrael Ondi-Ahman through study, prayer, meditation and integration.

• refining your adherence to the three Covenants, and any additional covenants made with your Heavenly Parents.

• creating a Sanctuary in your home.

• getting the word out, engaging in graceful dialogue, creating sacred moments for others.

• fostering the creation of study groups, Sanctuaries, and Tabernacles of Peace.


General goals for the True Gnostic Church include:


• constructing a vibrant and relevant spiritual organization that is in alignment with our highest ideals, and the teachings presented in the Song of God.

• building communities that can address individual and collective needs, while cultivating and sharing unrestricted approaches to spirituality and the evolution of consciousness.

• providing environments in which the transformation/realization process—in all its diversity—may be safely facilitated, explored, and celebrated, while avoiding unrighteous dominion and invasive approaches to promotion and evangelization.

building Tabernacles of Peace (gardens of Shem Torath) in qualified communities.

the eventual construction of the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman.






Let then the will of God dwell richly in you, to be to you a guide and comfort; that you may stand as one resolved and fully knowing, becoming yourselves the ambassadors of God the Father and the Mother while yet you live the mortal life.

4th Endowment 24:57  


For Heaven is your truer home and the angels are your brethren, and in a place beyond your dreams you walked beside your God; thus are you first and foremost a citizen of Heaven, being in your present state a sojourner from afar, walking through a native land in which you are a stranger.

How then shall you comport yourself in this land you call your home? How prove yourself as someone worthy while striving to live in peace; becoming yourself as someone kind whom others would seek to know?

Be therefore of peaceful mind when faced by strong debate, becoming yourself as one most pliant before a raging wind; bending slightly as one most courteous while rooted firm in place, holding on to all your faith while trusting in the Song.

7th Endowment 6:18-20


Thinking always of what is good for the city, even above your own selves; believing in your heart and mind that you are a child of God, having your citizenship found first in Heaven; owing to God the Father and the Mother a true allegiance filled with worship and devotion together.

4th Endowment 30:17


Know then that in the taking of a covenant do you join yourself to God, and this by your own desire; for the covenant is the bridge which crosses o’er the chasm, which chasm is the illusions of mortal life, opening up before your eyes the realness of God and Heaven.

Thus in the taking of a covenant is God made a participant in your life, having set aside through covenant, the scourge of unrighteous dominion, permitting that God should act in your behalf, even as you, through covenant would act for God.

7th Endowment 5:10-11

“Covenants consecrate life and honor gives value.

And with each covenant that I make, more sacred my life becomes;

and through the keeping of my honor, more value my life receives.”

~7th Endowment 5:6






The Power of Covenants


7th Endowment - chapter 5


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